Would you like to travel back to Victorian or Georgian times? We can bring your original windows and doors back to life whether you live in a conservation area or just would like to keep your original finishings.


Our draught-proofing and restoration service eliminates most issues without compromising on existing style. Plus, it’s our most cost-effective service, compared to a double-glazed upgrade or complete replacement. With a bit of work, your beautiful windows and doors can serve you longer.


We all know the rattling sound of sash windows and doors when it is windy outside, don’t we? Or do you remember how many times you had to put a book under a bottom sash so it stays open? After our work is completed you will forget about these problems.


How we help: We know it can be disturbing to have a team of workers at home. To make the whole process easier, we’ve explained how we work step by step below.






We start with protecting your rooms, floors and carpets and moving furniture away. We also seal off our working areas with polythene sheets.




We dismantle your windows and doors and restore or repair them.




We only use the best materials and craftsmanship.




Only when the great work done will let you know we’ve been here at all!






We dismantle your windows and doors and place them on a workbench in order to remove any excess paint. This will include sanding and sometimes paintburning back to bare wood to reach a smooth finish. Any dents or defects will be filled with appropriate wood fillers and any missing or damaged parts of timber will be restored. Broken panes of glass will be changed and if you have had an antique clear glass we will use either the standard clear float or the restoration glass so that you do not lose that wavy appearance but this is only your choice.


Meanwhile, the frames are also being prepared, filled, sanded and primed. Pulley wheels and hinges are serviced and any damaged ones replaced. If we notice any sign of rot on frames , doors and windows  this will be either spliced in with a new piece of hardwood or  we will use the UK market leader epoxy resin products  to restore the exact shapes and details so that they look original. Rotten cills will be completely replaced with either hardwood sapele or hardwood mahogany.


Weak timber joints will be strengthened by using only polyurethane adhesives and special screws to extend their lifetime. Loose or missing putties will also be replaced. We will add extra weights to your sashes if necessary to ensure smooth sliding operation and all your sash cords will be brand new.


After all the restoration process and repairs are completed it is time for the next phase which is decorating and painting.


We use Dulux Weathershield White Gloss externally and Dulux Satinwood White internally as standard but this is not a must, not all the windows and doors are white so you can choose your own brand and colour.


When all the painting is finished we then clean your glass and finally fit new furniture such as security restrictors, fasteners, lifts and handles on windows, letter boxes, knobs, knockers and numerals on doors. We use two types of draught-proofing which are either brush or rubber seals.


Having our draught-excluders fitted you will not only notice outside noise reduction but also you will never lose any heat again.



Call us now for your no-obligation survey and see your home in a new light…