Having your windows or doors replaced can be a very important investment. We will help you make the right choice by making this process as simple as possible and meet your requirements and specific designs. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


We have two options to offer you.






Who needs it:


Clients whose existing frames are undamaged and in good, sound condition.




Avoid extra costs for internal and external redecoration.




You will have new, double-glazed windows and doors - you will still have your original frames, architraves and decorative mouldings in the same place but only restored and repainted.




We will replace any hinges and pulley wheels to bear the weight of new heavy double glazed replacements.


New lead weights will be installed into the restored and repainted sash boxes to counter balance the heavier double glazed sash windows along with our brush seal draught proofing system which will ensure smooth sliding operation when the new windows are installed.


We will use rubber draught excluders on casement windows and front and back doors to make the opening and closing much easier than usual without the noisy sound of rattling.






Who needs it:


Clients whose existing frames, windows and doors are beyond the state of repair.




  • Improved draught-proofing
  • Noise reduction
  • Heat retention and
  • Improved security
  • It will give your home a contemporary aesthetics
  • We can replace almost any type of wooden door, casement or sash window that can be found in this city.




You will see your home in a completely new light, as frames, windows and doors make all the difference.




When we install new frames we will also fully decorate and paint the exterior and interior surrounds so they look unaffected.


Our windows and doors will come with a full set of standard architraves, bullnoses and window boards. A full set of furniture will be installed in your choice of finish.


Most of our double glazed units will be toughened for extra security and you can choose your own design. We will make the doors and windows either in softwood or hardwood depending on your preference.


All our windows and doors will be hand painted so they look natural and given four coats of paint they will definitely withstand the harsh London weather leaving you with a fully completed product that will most likely outlive its owners.


Call us now for your no-obligation survey and see your home in a new light…